Daisy Face
Tune:  "Baby Face"
Words:  Diane Miller

Daisy Face, I've got the cutest little Daisy face.
There isn't anyone could take my place.
Daisy' face, I sure have started somethin'
Girl Scouts are really jumpin'.

Daisy face, I'll be a Brownie someday.
Yes I'm on the way.
But for now it's true
I'm wearin' Daisy blue.
Here's my pretty Daisy face.

We Are Daisy Girl Scouts
Tune: "I'm a Little Tea Pot"

We are Daisy Girl Scouts short and sweet.
Here are our hands and here are our feet. (point)
When you need some help, just give a call,
We'll come running, one and all.

Note: other age levels can be substituted in song.

I'm a Daisy Girl Scout

Tune: "Found a Peanut"
I'm a Daisy, Daisy Girl Scout
And I'll tell you something true,
I'm a loyal little Girl Scout
And I wear my tunic blue.
Can be sung as a round by having the second part come in after the second line.

Tune:"I Wish I Were an Oscar Meyer Weiner"

Oh I wish I were a little Daisy Girl Scout,
That is what I'd truly like to be!
'Cuz if I were a little Daisy Girl Scout,
Everyone would be in love with me!

Skies above me dancing in the sunshine,
Water shining silver like the sea,
All the world is just around the corner,
All the future waiting just for me.

I'm glad I am a little Daisy Girl Scout,
Sharing lots of fun, as you can see,
And if you are a little Daisy Girl Scout,
You can come to Girl Scouts just like me!

Tune: "Tell Me Why"

Once Daisy planted the sapling tree
And passed its care on to you and to me
It's roots are deep and spreading still
It's branches reaching, her dreams to fulfill

The golden sun will help it grow
The gentle rain will nourish it so
For generations we'll keep it true
Girl Scouts forever, for me and for you.

Tune: "On My Honor"
Whatever happened to Daisy's pearls?
They were sold one day for Daisy's girls.
And since that day they can be found
A glowin' from Girl Scouts the world around.
The price she paid was a string of pearls
To keep us going - we are Daisy's girls.
There are millions of pearls cast around the earth
And a bushel of diamonds can't match their worth.
And which of us have some of her pearls?
And which of us give for Daisy's girls?
And who among us share that glow?
Every Girl Scout leader the world shall know.
We are Girl Scout leaders, we carry those pearls.
We are Girl Scout leaders, some of Daisy's girls.
And we'll cherish her gesture and cherish her pearls
And pass them on to more of her girls.



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