Girl Girl Scout Week Dates -- 2011 to 2014
            Provided are Girl Scout Week dates for the next few years -- 2011 through 2014. Girl Scout Week begins on Sunday and concludes on the following Saturday. This arrangement allows our membership of diverse faiths to celebrate on their chosen day of worship.

            2011 -- Sunday, March 06, to Saturday, March 12
            2012 -- Sunday, March 11, to Saturday, March 17
            2013 -- Sunday, March 10, to Saturday, March 16
            2014 -- Sunday, March 09, to Saturday, March 15


  From the 1966 Cadette GS Handbook

"GIRL SCOUT week is a time to take a good look at what the troop has done during the winter; to plan for the coming spring and summers months. It is also an excellent occasion for a special rededication ceremony or a [GS] Scouts' Own."

Listing of the meanings. They are (in brief):

GIRL SCOUT Sunday (or Sabbath): plan to demonstrate your understanding of the first part of The Promise... duty to God

Monday: Homemaking Day; teach a homemaking skill to a younger girl.

Tuesday: Citizenship Day

Wednesday: Health and Safety Day

Thursday: International Friendship Day

Friday: The Arts Day

Saturday: Out-of-Doors Day


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