The Rhyme of the Brownies
(Suitable for Investiture or Rededication)

(Girls in circle, mirror on floor, surrounded by leaves)

This tale is told of Tom and Mary,
Who lived in a hut which was not so merry.
A poor tailor by trade was their papa,
And the untidy house was kept by Grandma.

Nothing was clean or polished or swept;
Tom and Mary were dirty and very unkept,
Careless and lazy, but busy at play,
Never thinking to help in the smallest way.

Then one day Gran told them a story-
She thought it might make them feel sorry.
"I'll tell you of brownies who used to live here,
But they moved away for good, I fear."

"How many kind things they did in a day
Was rather hard to tell, in a way,
For they worked very quietly and never were seen,
But the chores were all done and the house was so clean."

The children thought what fun it would be
To have a few brownies who'd work for free.
That would leave them the live-long day
For fun and a chance to do nothing but play.

So Granny told them to see the owl
And not to worry if he should scowl.
They could listen to his advice,
And find some brownies, that would be nice.

That night Mary crept out into the dark,
And it sure didn't seem like such a lark.
She was scared but then heard the old owl hoot
And she followed the sound in hot pursuit.

"Please Mr. Owl, I've come a long way
Help me, I'll do whatever you say.
A brownie I simply have to find,
So tell me what is in your mind."

The old owl laughed and said quite plain,
"Go down to the pond at the end of the lane
The moon must be shining big and bright,
You must stand at the edge in clear moonlight."

"Turn yourself about 3 times
While saying this verse and be sure it rhymes.
Look in the pool and there you will see
A brownie as sure as sure can be."

Mary ran off as she was told
Found the pond, made the turns, spoke very bold.
The missing word seemed so hard to get,
For all she saw was her own silhouette.

Back to the owl she went very fast
And he helped her to understand at last.
In a moment she knew how the rhyme should go.
And she spoke the words that we all know.

(Girls stand up, form circle close to mirror and repeat together.)

Twist me and turn me and show me the elf
I looked in the mirror and saw... myself.

Back at the house Mary told Tom her plan.
A surprise was in order for Papa and Gran.
Next morning a change had sure taken place,
And smiles were seen on everyone's face.

For the table was set and breakfast was ready,
The whole place was bright as a shiny new
"The brownies are back," said Mary, "to stay.
This time we know they won't go away."

(Girls repeat together)

"Brownies we are and brownies we'll stay,
Keeping our Promise in every way."

(Repeat Girl Scout Promise.)

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