Back to Back
Players stand back to back with a partner with their elbows interlocked. Using each other's back for support, the partners must try to sit on the floor and stretch out their legs. Then, while keeping their elbows locked, the partners must now try to stand up without slipping or falling down.

Blindfolded Trust Walk
Put the girls into pairs. One member of the pair puts on a blindfold and then her partner tries to lead her through an obstacle course (we used a classroom with the desks and chairs moved around to make a path). The first time through the obstacle course, the "sighted" girl can hold on to her "blinded" partner's hand but should try to do most of her directing vocally. The second time through, no physical contact between the girls is allowed.

Giant Stick Figures
This game works best with a large number of girls - 20 or more! The whole group forms a series of circles and lines to make up a stick figure. i.e. a small circle of girls for the head, small line for the neck, longer line of girls for body, 2 arms and 2 legs. When they're assembled, you give them a series of directions, one at a time, and they must act as a group ans performs the actions, such as:
1) Your head is itchy - scratch it!
2) There's a soccer ball at your feet - kick it!
3) Your shoe is untied - tie it up!
4) Your nose is running - blow it!
5) You dropped something - bend down and pick it up!

Group Walk
Players line up shoulder to shoulder, each girl's right foot next to the left foot of the girl to her right. The challenge to the group is to 'walk forward' as a group--with each group step every girl steps forward with one (and only one) foot (keeping her feet touching the feet of the girls on either side of her). Not easy!

Hula Hoops
For this game you will need two hula hoops. All participants join hands and form a circle. Two participants drop hands and put they arms through the hula hoops. They then join hands again. The hula hoops are then dangling from their arms. The objective of the game is to send the hula hoops completely around the circle and return them to the starting point without releasing hands. This means that each person has to go through the hula hoops as they make their way around the circle. One of the hula hoops will also have to travel through the other hoop. You cannot use your fingers at all! It takes co- operation with your partners. Once experienced, you could add more hula hoops!

Give the girls a sheet with the following instructions:
Make up your own measuring system. You can use whatever you'd like - a book, a rope, your scarf, etc., and figure out the following
1. What is the combined height of all the Girl Scouts?
2. Who has the longest nose?
3. Put all your left feet in a line and measure them.
4. Who had the biggest ears?
5. Make a circle, as big as you can, by joining hands and measure the circle.
6. How long are all your arms?
7. Who has the longest arms?
8. Measure your little fingers, how long are they all combined?
9. Who has the largest head?

Part to Part
Two lines face each other. Lines move in opposite directions; when a player reaches the end of their line, their next move is to join the end of the other line. Players are given 10 seconds to follow out instructions and answer questions with the person across from them, then they must move on to the next person.

hand to hand -- introduce yourself
knees to knees -- where do you live?
elbow to shoulder -- where were you born?
foot to knee -- how old are you?
finger to ear -- how big is your family?
hand to hip -- what's your favourite sport?
hand to elbow -- what's your favourite tv show?
back to back -- what's your favourite food?
wrist to chin -- what's your favourite color?
heel to toe -- how many times have you been to camp?
cheek to cheek -- do you have a pet? What kind? Name?
ear to ear -- what's your favourite music? Group?
heel to elbow -- what's your favourite book?
finger to toe -- how long have you been in Guiding?
knee to nose -- what's your favourite campfire song?
chin to chin -- what, if anything, do you hope to learn this week?
nose to nose -- tell one thing that you've always wanted to do but have never tried.

Pass the Can
You pass an empty tin can (with one end cut off) from person to person. Again you may only use your feet and legs to pass the can.
The can must sit over every foot in the circle. If the can touches the ground, the group must start over.

Pass the Ball
Have your group sit down on the ground in a circle with their legs out in front of them. Squeeze everyone tight together so that your legs are touching your neighbour's. Place a tennis ball between the ankles of one player. The goal of the challenge is to pass the ball around the circle, from person to person, without using your arms at all. If the ball touches the ground you must start over. A good exercise in patience! This game can also be played with everyone sitting side-by-side in a line with their legs out in front of them.

Rescue From the Sea
In this game, the players have specific roles to perform, and they are as follows: a blindfolded swimmer, a brave rescuer, two buoys bobbing upon the sea, two hidden rocks below the sea and a floating jelly fish. The rest of the participants form two lines (jagged seaside cliffs).

The two lines of players face each other and are about 8 feet apart.
The swimmer stands at one end of the lines, the rescuer at the other.
The obstacles can be placed anywhere between the two lines. The two lines make the sounds of a stormy sea. The buoys will clang, the rocks make the sound of pounding waves and the jellyfish is silent.
The rescuer standing on the shore gives directions to the swimmer as he/she tries to make their way through the sea. Because of all the other noises, the rescuer has to be lound and clear in his instructions and the swimmer must listen. If the swimmer hits an obstacle, he/she must return to the starting position and try again.
Once he/she has completed the course successfully, both rescuer and swimmer are replaced by others and the game is repeated.

Touch the Ball
You will need a variety of objects in a variety of sizes; some good examples include a soccer ball, a softball, a tennis ball, a golf ball, a tube of lip gloss, a bread clip, and a dime. Ask your group to stand in a circle. Place the largest object in the middle of the circle, and tell the girls that they must all touch the object without touching each other. Once they figure out how to arrange themselves so that they can do this for 10 seconds, give them a smaller object. Work all the way down to the dime!

Turn the Circle Inside Out
A circle is formed using all the players. Everyone joins hands and faces the middle of the circle. Everyone closes their eyes and tries to turn the circle inside out so that everyone is facing the opposite direction (outside of the circle) without letting go of each others'
(Hint: the solution is that two players hold up their hands and everyone else follows through underneath.)

Name Juggling
Have the children make a circle. Ask each girl to say her name and continue around the circle. The leader begins the game by tossing a tennis ball to a child across the circle from you and saying their name. They follow by tossing it to a different child across the circle, also saying their name. This continues until all the girls have received and tossed the tennis ball and you are the last person to receive the ball. This is the order that the game will follow.
Begin with one tennis ball and try to make it go around the circle without letting it drop or messing up the order. Then add another tennis ball and so on.

Lap Sit
Have the girls make a circle, placing their hands on the shoulders of
the person in front of them and their feet toe to heel. When everyone
is in the correct position, count to three and sit down. They will be
sitting in the lap of the person that is behind them. If it is
unsuccessful, make your circle tighter and try again. Can you raise
your hands from each others shoulders? Can you stand up?

Human Knot
Girls get in a circle and put their hands all together in the center.
Girls grab hands without looking at whose hands they are grabbing....
They are "knotted up" and have to untangle without letting their
hands go. They can twist their hands but never let go.

Line Up
Tell the girls that they have all lost their voices, and they have no
writing equipment, etc. (no sign-language, etc.) They have to line up
by one of the following:
Date of Birth (in Year)

Girls stand in a circle in the ready to catch position, almost
shoulder to shoulder. One girl stands in the middle in the ready to
fall position. She calls out "Ready to fall." The group
resonds "Ready to catch." "Falling." "Catching." The girl in the
center falls back as she did with her partner earlier. This time
however, the group works together to pass her around the circle, and
then stand her up again.

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