Building an



Supplies Needed:
Paper Plate or Napkin (Safety Circle)
Small Cup with water/juice (Water Bucket)
Fork (Rake or Shovel)
Toothpick (Match)
Mini Marshmallows or Jelly Beans or M&M's
& Cheerios or Raisins (Fire Ring)
Potato Sticks or Shredded Coconut (Tinder)
Pretzel Sticks or Chinese Noodles (Kindling)
Pretzel Logs or Bread Sticks (Fuel Logs)
Red Hots or Red Licorice (Sparks, Small Fire)
Candy Corn (Large Fire)

Collect your supplies
and Pull back all long hair!
Clear a safety circle 5 feet out from
the fire circle


Have your water bucket & tools nearby Make your fire circle ring


Make an "A" or "V" frame of logs
Open end facing the wind
Make a teepee or lean to of tinder
inside the logs in a corner of the A or V


Light the tinder with a match, add sparks When a small fire is started add kindling
leaving room for air to flow


Now the fire is burning brightly Completed Edible Fire!
With a real fire, when done the fire bucket would be used to put out the fire
and the rake or shovel would be used to stir it up until cold to the touch.
However, in this case just eat the fire and drink from the fire bucket
and leave a clean fire area!

Alternate Ingredients

Camp Site/Safety Circle: wax paper, paper towel, napkin, graham cracker,
large cookie, lettuce leaf

Fire Ring:  mini marshmallows, large marshmallows, jelly beans, peanuts, corn pops cereal, peanut M&Ms, cheerios, raisins

Tinder : coconut, crumbled shredded wheat, shredded cheese, shredded lettuce or carrots, chow mein noodles

Kindling: pretzel sticks, potato sticks, thin pieces of green pepper

Fuel, Logs: pretzel logs, bite size tootsie rolls, carrot sticks, bread sticks, celery sticks, cheese puffs

Charcoal:  raisins

Match stick:  licorice stick, candy corn stuck on a toothpick, thin pretzel stick

Fire starter:  Hershey's Kiss, gum drops

Fire:  candy corn, red string licorice, red hots, red sugar sprinkles, chopped tomatoes, chopped red pepper, bacon bits

Water Bucket: small paper cup

Water:  juice, salad dressing, water

Shovel:  teaspoon, gumdrop on pretzel stick

Rake:   fork, your fingers

Green stick:   toothpick

Marshmallows:  mini marshmallows on tiny pretzel stick

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