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About Firbolgs names

The concept of names is peculiar for the Firbolg : they have none for for themselves or their homes. However, there were many named firbolgs and tribes in the region of Hartsvale in the North. Everything they are and do in their lives is usually referred to by their actions. Firbolg usually take elvish names when they have to deal with outsiders.

Here are some examples of firbolg female names

-Firbolg female names : Dorvalur, Sarran, Virfir, Petven, Beiquinal, Tranan, Daeneiros, Herpeiros, Qiven, Aefir.

Examples of clans :
They have family and clan-centred communities. The clans are harvesters or nomads, meeting at least once a year with the other clans to celebrate or make important decisions. Firbolgs are more individualistic and refuse to get bounded to the clan stereotypes because they are primarily against the social order called ordning (term used to describe both the internal hierarchy of giant society and the meta-social hierarchy that links the various breeds and castes of giants and giant-kin) among the giants.

Physical features

Firbolgs are fey-oriented half-giants, belonging to the race of giant-kin - thus, they are giants not big enough to be part of the giant kin, but still too big to be a human. The common features of the individual are very close to human beings with free flowing thick beard (for males) except that they are usually over 10 feet tall and weigh over 800 pounds. Firbolg skin color is pink, the head hair is blond or red and is worn long. The flesh and skin of firbolgs are unusually dense and tough. Their voices are a smooth, deep bass, thick with rolling consonants. A firbolg can reach the adulthood up to around 30 and the oldest one can live up to 500 years.
The average firbolg is considered stronger than a forest bear and it’s beyond sheet physical strength. They have innate magical abilities (similar to druids) and can resist to magic. They can slightly change their appearance by getting smaller or bigger. They usually use this kind of power to try to blend in, or interact with other smaller species. They have an excellent vision at night and in dark places : they can see in the dark.
Of all the giant-kin, the firbolg is the most powerful, due to natural intelligence and considerable magical power. In general, they're described as neutral-with-good leanings.


These large semi-giants live in isolated forests and hills. They are discreet and solitary creatures which doesn’t like the company of other races, except from druids, elves and fey. Farming is a popular practice of the creatures however they prefer hunting and food gathering. They are quite different from their species that are predominantly raiders of the farm lands. During summer, they store excess nuts, fruits and berries so that they can provide food to the forest animals during the winter.
The hunting grounds were usually spread out in a 20 mile radius from their clan homes. They ate small portions of meat with most of the meals and then keep the reserved large roasts of meat for special celebrations.
The are known for worshipping the Goddess called Hiatea. It is the giant deity representing nature to the people. Firbolg regard her as a true hunter and protector and try to emulate her behavior.
They live in tune with nature, and consider themselves as the guardians of forests : thus they will protect them with incredible ferocity and demonstrate formidable skills with weapons and druidic magic, especially when provoked. Furthermore they can communicate in a limited manner with beasts and plants and they also can understand the exact meaning of your words even though you do not have any special ability to understand them in return.


The firbolg are a family centered, tribe based society. As we said earlier, their settlements are situated across the remote hills or the forested areas, and they are strong holds including the wooden structures built from the trees around them. These particular settlements are made in a defensive way : the wooden structures have a tower form with catwalk between them. When they live near hills, they take shelter into the complexes dug into the hillsides. They used their magic to ensure that their homes remained a complete secret to the outsiders.
Each tribe settlement contains between four and sixteen members (usually there is a shaman or a druid among them), so they are quite small. Each one of them live separate from the others.
There is also a few firebolg tribes that are considered nomadic and their typical home is made up of huge one story log building with strong walls. The large fireplace with multiple opening warmed a central common room.


Firbolg consider greed to be one of the absolutely worst vices. They believe that in the nature or in life, one should take only what they need in order to keep a balance, especially with products from the nature. Gems and gold don’t interest them as they see no value in material wealth. However, they have a peculiar kind of humor that makes them take valuables from strangers for a prank.
Firbolg believe that charity is a virtue. However, knowing the identity of the provider is considered to be harmful for the recipient. Because of this they appear to be reclusive amongst the other races.
As we said earlier, firbolg are isolated people, but when someone gain their trust, they become very sociable and will be extremely honest. In a result, they won’t be able to lie without feeling physical discomfort even if the lie was by omission. They tend to be over confident and even fearless except for a pervasive phobia of humanoid mobs.
For firbolgs, wearing an armor is a sign of cowardice and hence they do not usually wear one or carry any kind of shield. The firbolgs are cautious and shrewd in their dealing with outsiders. They distrust most humans and demihumans.