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Prime Ice (Ice), Fragrant Straw (Fragrant), Silent Breath (Breath), Dust in the Wind (Dust), Faint Wing (Wing), Gentle Flame (Flame), Dream of Days (Dream), Bush in the Forest (Forest), Unread Book (Book), Mirror's Reflection (Mirror), Hawk Feather (Hawk), Sweet Guest (Sweet), Brave Marble (Marble), Ancient Wing (Wing), Happy Luck (Happy), Bright Spell (Bright), Spring Winds (Spring), Endless Time (Time), Cloaking Dagger (Dagger), Light in the Morning (Light), Call of the Owl (Owl), Mellow Wing (Mellow), Four Breath (Breath), Curious Board (Curious), Defiant Chalk (Chalk), Jade Poem (Poem), Fish in the River (River), Dangling Lace (Lace), Bird Feather (Bird), Tome of Secrets (Tome), Plume of Smoke (Smoke), Quirky Stream (Stream), Shady Clock (Shady), Misty Shadow (Shadow), Hushed Scarf (Hushed), Stout Page (Stout), Snow of the Mountain (Snow), Veil of a Mask (Veil), Hot as Fire (Fire), Unpulled Cart (Cart), Carriage on the Road (Road), Brash Shoe (Brash), Curious Grass (Grass), Sapphire Veil (Veil), Brave Ink (Ink), Pure Device (Pure), Rainbow After Rain (Rainbow), Hot Flame (Flame), Flickering Fire (Fire), Snow of the Mountain (Snow), Drifting Snowflake (Snowflake), Nimble Dust (Nimble), Cheeky Snow (Snow), Wild Canvas (Wild), Mellow Plume (Plume), True Sparkle (Sparkle), Open Gates (Gate), Fish in the River (River), Ringing of Bells (Bell), Blank Canvas (Canvas), Bushy Branch (Branch), Eager Shoe (Eager), Golden Snow (Golden), Half Breath (Breath), Merry Page (Merry), Brash Bubble (Bubble), Screech of Bats (Bat), Grass of Spring (Grass), Cannon on Deck (Cannon), End of Winter (Winter), Berry Bush (Bush), Free Thing (Free), Two Shoe (Shoe), Bizarre Book (Book), Jolly Tome (Jolly), Violet Wonder (Wonder), Page of a Book (Page), Aura of Passion (Aura), Strength of Love (Love), Burning Desire (Desire), Berry Bush (Bush), Cheeky Book (Cheeky), Eager Chance (Chance), Amusing Dust (Dust), Free Song (Song), Fine Chains (Fine), Guide of Life (Guide), Loose String (String), Second Chance (Chance), Cannon on Deck (Cannon), Stitch of Fabric (Stitch), Free Shoe (Shoe), Flawless Child (Flawless), Agile Tree (Tree), Hidden Berry (Berry), Twin Spark (Spark), Eclipse of the Moon (Eclipse), Glow of the Sun (Sun), Ice in Summer (Ice), Hawk Feather (Hawk), Ringing of Bells (Bell), Ancient Kite (Ancient), Violet Branch (Branch), Defiant Brain (Defiant), Gold Bear (Gold), Cheeky Breath (Breath), Grass of Spring (Grass), Tome of Secrets (Tome), Guide of Life (Guide), Lightning After Thunder (Lightning), Aurora of Winter (Aurora) 0

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Tabaxis give 3 names in the following order : birth name, nickname and clan’s name.

Birth name
Tabaxi are feline humanoids with a curiosity as strong as that of real life cats, but fueled further by their more intelligent minds. The tabaxi will travel incredibly far if their desire takes them, but most tabaxi tend to stick to their homelands and clans. But unlike some adventurers and world explorers, the tabaxi favor knowledge above all other treasures.
There is no notions of gender in Tabaxi names. They are given based on a variety of elements such as astrology and the history of the individual's clan. They are also tribal in nature, so it is not rare to find names such as ‘Kite in the Wind’, ‘Aurora of Winter’ or ‘Fallen Twig’.

Tabaxi names are usually shortened on nicknames, resulting in one word. You can choose any word from the birth name to build the nickname.
Here are some examples of shortened nicknames :
Locket on a Heart will become Locket
Amusing Flame will become Amusing
Bizarre Wish will become Bizarre

Tribe’s name
Tabaxi people add their tribe’s name to their birth name or nickname. The tribe names are based on the location of that specific tribe. In results, you get names like 'Ancient Mountain' and 'Passing Rain'.

Physical Features
Tabaxis are feline-like creatures. Although dotted with great height (1.80 to 2.10 m), the common tabaxi has a slender and graceful humanoid build. Depending on its origin, the tabaxi is covered with fur and has the claws, head and tail of a feline, (leopard or jaguar). Their eyes have slit pupils that twinkle in the dark and give them better visual acuity than a human, in a bright day as well as a dark night.

Tabaxis, (also called leopard men, cat men or jaguar men), have long been a hidden race. Their villages are organized in tribes and are secluded, located in remote places. These tribes are led by the elders and are also guided by shamanic tabaxis. Most tabaxis refuse to have any contact with other intelligent races. However, driven by curiosity, some leave their native jungle and leave their isolation to explore the world and discover all its wonders. These tabaxis generally rarely stay in one place for long.

Tabaxi clans are very often settled in or near a jungle, and they generally live by hunting or fishing (their diet being essentially carnivorous). The tribe is composed of as many males as females, and every member take good care and respect its elders and educates its young. This way of life, however, is strictly limited to the clan: isolated by nature, the tabaxis do not hesitate to violently drive away lost travellers, or even to attack them in a murderous ambush.

Sedentary tabaxis
Among the Tabaxi tribes are some sedentary people, isolated in an extreme way. Indeed, they refuse any contact with the outside world as well as with the other Tabaxi tribes, and are considered to be among the most isolationist of the races. The only exception to the refusal of outsiders: a tabaxi clan approached by a tabaxi lord will swear allegiance to him without batting an eyelid, knowing that opposing the will of this powerful predator would mark the end of them all, without exception.
(Tabaxi lords are extremely rare individuals who look more like beasts than humanoids, and with who you can’t have any doubt of their divine or cursed ancestry. They are very intelligent and cruel creatures whose cousinhood with the other tabaxis is obvious).

Some tabaxis choose to leave their tribe to go discover the outside world. However, tabaxis will avoid the risks that an adventurer would take. They travel in groups in carts. They become strollers, merchants and handymen, perform in shows and live off the trade from town to town. Led by an elder, often a former adventurer, tabaxis are tolerated in most civilized communities, but will be systematically suspected, especially because of their robbery nature, which is well known and even exaggerated in the collective imagination. Preferring exchange of goods to gold coins, they will be honest in their transactions, and will even be excellent customers if their curiosity is aroused with exotic products.

Exceptions of the tribe
It is said that some tabaxis are born "touched by the Cat Lord": a kind of dark deity who would govern the destiny of this race. These chosen ones would be endowed with one or more feline traits even more obvious, as well as an insatiable curiosity, pushing them to leave their native lands to dedicate themselves to a life of adventure. After this, those who survive return to their tribe to spend the rest of their lives, bringing back news from the outside world and stories that will inspire the next generation of adventurers.
Tabaxis are indeed fond of wealth and knowledge, but are above all compulsive buyers (and often thieves), whose attention and attraction are motivated above all by the unknown. Whatever the nature of the treasures, tabaxis seem inexplicably attracted to them: species, knowledge, or simply encounters and adventures.
The followers of the Cat Lord, the tutelary deity of the tabaxis, attached to the domain of deception, remain rather rare, but it is possible to come across clerical tabaxis of a god of knowledge. The independent and curious character of the tabaxis pushes them towards chaos but rarely towards evil.