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Adult Leadership In Girl Scouting

Props: An outline of a person (can be made with a chalk line, a rope, branches, rocks, or drawn on a large sheet of paper) a star, a heart, two hands (can be cut out paper), two feet (can be cut out of paper), two branches for the shoulders.

1st Person: You see before you a Girl Scout leader. We will add qualities that can make her an "ideal" leader. (Places star in the head) A Girl Scout leader should have an open mind to new ideas, changes, and knowledge, making decisions that will benefit the girls. She should be thoughtful to all.

2nd Person: (Places branches on the right and left shoulder) A Girl Scout leader should have strong shoulders to support any burden her girls may ask her to carry. She should respond to girls' needs, no matter how trivial they may seem, by offering comfort.

3rd Person: (Places heart in the proper place) A Girl Scout Leader should have an understanding heart filled with love, warmth and affection, embellished with loyalty and forgiveness.

4th Person: (Places hands on the ends of the right and left arms) A Girl Scout Leader should offer helping hands to all. She should also reach out to others in friendship, and by her example, girls can learn the value of friendship.

5th Person: (Places feet in the proper place) A Girl Scout leader should have adventurous feet to carry her girls along new paths in life leading to wider horizons.

All: As Girl Scout Leaders, we will try, to the best of our ability, to offer worthwhile programs, by participating in training, sharing ideas and skills, by asking questions, to promote independence by teaching leadership skills and promoting democracy through girl/adult planning, and to objectively evaluate our effectiveness as leaders.

1st Person: Let us take a minute of quite time to reflect on the seriousness of our task s Girl Scout Leaders. And let us also ask God to guide us and give us strength in our endeavors. (Pause for a moment of silence)

(For new leaders) Please join me in singing "When E're You Make a Promise"

When e're you make a promise, consider well its importance And when made, engrave it upon your heart.



This door can let people in or it can keep people out--this door.

This door could be a church, a school, a home or it could be a dirty cellar,
an abandoned building or a reform school-- this door.

This door could be opened to more girls --or it could be slammed in their faces--this door.

This door could carry a welcome sign - or be quarantined, a full house, keep out--this door.

This door can open to the warm light of a troop meeting -or it can be kept
dark --this door.

For a girl it could open into a great, wide, wonderful world or it could be shut, never knowing any better.-this door.

Watch the girls as they come up to the door--the happy, the care-free, the
troubled, the crippled, the healthy, the lame, the blind, the deaf, the dumb,
the black, the white, the red, the yellow, every single girl.

This Door should open to all. Let us show that THIS DOOR opens to adventure, to wholesome experiences, to an understanding of God, an appreciation of love for their country.

Doors- Must be opened for girls. Girls will seldom go up and knock on the door. They do hang around and wait to be invited in.

What girls do and what girls think cannot be left to chance. Open that door for one more. Open that door for 2 more.


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